‘Plastic Fantastic’ workshops at Larmer Tree Festival

The Event: Larmer Tree Festival 2015 The Location: Adornable Arts in adult workshop tent The Challenge: to build a solar chandelier from bike wheels and plastic bottles Arriving on site our main question was "Would we find willing participants to ensure enough 'hands on deck' during the day?"  We needn't have worried however, our first participants got us off to flying start by making at last 7 or 8 flowers including, after the initial induction on the small basic version, some large elaborate, colourful ones. Their contributions set the ... Read more

Larmer Tree Festival – July 2015

  Catherine and I are looking forward to delivering a day of upcycled plastic workshops as part of the Adornable Art sessions on Friday 17th July at Larmer Tree Festival.  Come along to get involved in building a solar chandelier from recycled plastic bottles on a frame created of reclaimed bike wheels.   The completed chandelier will then be installed in a tree on site as part of the decorations in Lostwood.   Read more

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