Kitsch Pitch

Kitsch Pitch is an eco campsite in central Portugal who wanted a hoard of 5L water bottles transforming into some feature lighting and other decorative pieces in keeping with the recycled ethos of the site. A specific request was for distinctive lighting in the roundhouse which is being used as a bar and party venue.

The main upcycled plastic items created on this first visit to Kitsch Pitch were a flower garden to go outside the Taverna and a solar chandelier for the centre of the roundhouse.

Still more bottles were made into fairy lights to adorn a 1950’s mini bar and a dream catcher. But it wasn’t all about plastic all the time – also created were a string of festoon lights from reclaimed wall light shades.
Although being off-grid brought some extra challenges when it came to the techniques used it was small inconvenience to be able to work on such a beautiful and inspirational site.

“We absolutely love how this chandelier has transformed our roundhouse. Bee… you’re a star!”
Dee and Leroy
For more details about Kitsch Pitch or to book a visit please see their Facebook page
Kitsch Pitch on Facebook

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