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Friday 5th    When Bee told me she’d been booked to do an up-cycling workshop making plastic powers at Lunar Festival, I took one look at the music line up and selflessly volunteered to be her glamorous assistant.

The Festival is situated on a beautiful green estate, and despite a bit of comedy confusion on arrival (many thanks to the Guerrilla Archaeologists for their help) we soon settled in admiring our surroundings.

With our first workshop at 9.30am the next morning Bee was off on the prowl for plastic bottles while I watched a bit of The Fall. I only understood two words (‘Curly Wurly’), but I did enjoy them and then it was early to bed.

Materials (Lunar Fest Lucy)Saturday the 6th   I woke a tad grumpy having not realised the music would be going on till 3am having only previously attended comparatively early-to-bed Folk Festivals.  However the sunshine soon cheered me up as did the knowledge that being a Glamorous Assistant, as opposed to being the one running the workshop, I hadn’t had to get up at 7am to source more plastic bottles!

We got to our venue; a beautiful burgundy tent named The Crows Nest and set up our stall.

Lunar Festival 2015 (22)Bee realised that whilst she had planned for a predominantly adult participation, we were in fact going to be working mostly with children so she adapted and changed the format to fit the circumstances. They’re a clever lot these artists!

Lunar Festival 2015 (54) Lunar Festival 2015 (59)As we got going the workshop soon proved very popular and the children got stuck in. I was particularly impressed with the way that once you gave them a starting point many would run off with their own idea’s and creations.

Oh I didn’t tell you about the tree! This is a glorious construction of Lunar Festival 15 - tree's readyscrap copper that Bee had made with Graham Hall.  The idea was that people would attach the flowers they’d made and it would be covered with blossoms by the end of the festival. However many of the participants, both adult and child, were so taken and proud of their creations that they understandably decided to take them home with them.  However we were delighted that a significant number of children decided they wanted to display their work and were thrilled when we heard them pass by later pointing and shouting out about their work.

Lunar Festival 15 - Starting to blossomThere was one family of four, Mum, Dad daughter and son who all made a flower each and attached them to the tree in a row.  This  lovely family also led to a bit of a soft toy related incident…

Monkey and Child Reunion (Lunar Fest Lucy)As we were packing up for the morning I found a small toy monkey they had been left behind. A trip around the field showed no sign of them so before we left a notice was attached to the tree.  I’m actually quite proud of my artwork!  Then on the way to the afternoon workshop I’m happy to say I was able to create a Monkey and Child Reunion. Huzzah!

Once again the adults joined in and had as much enjoyment as the children. One boy asked his mum if he could take his flower to show his teacher and she told us they were studying recycling at school, so this tied in nicely.

Decorating flowers, Lunar Festival 2015There was a great feedback about the positivity of creating something from plastic bottles, most had a high degree of awareness about the issues arising around the disposal of plastics and were delighted in the alternative use demonstrated in Bee’s workshop with much interest also expressed in her other work.

As there was no one in the Crows Nest after us we were able to run over Saturday afternoon. How can you resist “But we’re not here tomorrow this is our last chance!”?

After packing up it was tea time and off to The Bimble Inn for half a cider, and then a listen, and a boogie to Public Service Broadcasting, one of my favourite acts of the festival.

Lunar Festival 2015 (28)Sunday 7th   A later start today meant a lie in for Lucy, but Bee was off bright and early to collect more bottles and produce a couple of larger creations.

The weather was scorching and along with new attendees, we had many people, young and old coming back to us as they’d had so much fun the day before and wanted to create more. Many made several flowers; in fact I think one girl ended up with half a dozen.  This kept us busy but was very gratifying.

Lunar Festival - Big FlowerOne of the return visitors had made a small flower the day before and came back with her sisters who then made small flowers while she and Bee embarked on a big flower creation, which turned out wonderfully.

Once again the main challenge was making sure everyone who wanted to, got to have a go before we shut up shop for the weekend.

I really enjoyed my time as a Glamorous Assistant, and found myself impressed and inspired by the children and all the participants.

Then it was off to play for the rest of the day…

Flowers from Lunar Festival 2015. (1)Monday 8th   The icing on the cake was as we went to collect the tree to take back to Yorkshire with us, we met one of the Fathers who made flowers with his children.

He made a point of stopping us and thanking us, reiterating what a great concept it was, how excellent we’d been and that he and the children were looking forward to trying it at home.


Lunar Festival 2015 (37)



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