‘Plastic Fantastic’ workshops at Larmer Tree Festival

The Event: Larmer Tree Festival 2015

The Location: Adornable Arts in adult workshop tent

The Challenge: to build a solar chandelier from bike wheels and plastic bottles

IMG_5326Arriving on site our main question was “Would we find willing participants to ensure enough ‘hands on deck’ during the day?”  We needn’t have worried however, our first participants got us off to flying start by making at last 7 or 8 flowers including, after the initial induction on the small basic version, some large elaborate, colourful ones.

Their contributions set the scene and soon the workshop was full and buzzing with energy as people got stuck in to learning the technique and then adding their own stamp and flourish with their own designs.

IMG_5334 IMG_5338 (2)








IMG_5344 (2)As people finished a flower they were added to the bike wheels, starting with the smaller ones.

By the end of the morning session we have made good progress with the chandelier and had made a sizable and eye-catching start.

To get the hang of the technique, all participants initially made a small clear flower from a 500ml water bottle. Most were then hooked and went on to make additional flowers in a variety of styles and colours.  One of my favourite aspects of running these workshops is seeing people shift from bemusement that it’s possible to create something lovely from what is perceived as rubbish, to enthusiasm to experiment and make more and more!

After the lunch break we had many return visitors as well as lots of new faces.  The chandelier was growing and developing as people tried new shapes and colours.

IMG_5341 (2) IMG_5340 (2) IMG_5345




Towards the end of the afternoon there was a gathering momentum and final group push to see if we could complete a fifth layer before the maintenance folk arrived to install our creation up a tree in the Lostwood. And YES, we did it, just in the nick of time!


Thanks to all the participants, the festival volunteers we were assigned, the staff team in the Adult Workshop Tent and the all important guys with a ladder, we got a five tier, upcycled, solar chandelier built and up the tree in a day.

(There’s a few more pictures on Facebook…)

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