The Process

To explore the process of creating a piece here is the story of the creation of the solar chandelier made for Kitsch Pitch in Portugal…


Collect the plastics

In Portugal collecting the plastics involved a very scenic stroll! More usually plastics are collected from friends and neighbours, local bars/cafes and two local gyms here in West Yorkshire.

Choose the materials

For kitsch Pitch it was an important part of the brief that as many materials as possible were upcycled so old bike wheels were used to construct the chandelier frame.





Planning the Design

As most pieces are unique creations it is important to plan out the structure of the design to ascertain the number of bottles needed and which sizes are required.

Cutting the pieces

Each piece is hand cut to create the shapes required for the finished piece. For some designs a regular shape is required and a die cutter is used however the free scissor cutting creates a finish that it has an organic quality that is particularly suited to floral designs.





Washing the pieces

It is necessary to ensure the pieces are completely clean before the next stages.

Heating the Pieces

Most pieces used are heated to finish acquiring the shape and texture required although for certain effects this is not necessary.





Assembling the product

Once all the pieces are made they are attached to the base being used; on this occasion a frame made of bike wheels.

Adding lights

For those products where lights are integral to the frame I would deal with them before assembly but for this particular design it was easier to fit them at the end.





Finished piece

Once finished this chandelier was installed in the centre of a roundhouse. It appears clear during the day but as night falls and the solar lights come on it is shades of pink and purple.


The pieces for the product in this story remained clear with colour being introduced through the lights used. However many products require coloured pieces and some of these are created through the use of dyes.



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